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Organisations membres

L'Alliance est fière d'avoir près de 100 organisations membres. Chaque organisation est unique pour son objectif, son champ d’action et son domaine d’activité. Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur nos membres ici, ou cliquez ici pour soumettre le profil de votre organisation. Si vous souhaitez obtenir des informations sur les modalités d’adhésion à l’Alliance, veuillez visiter notre page d’adhésion.

Bint Al-Rafidain est une société intégrée fondée sur les principes d'égalité des chances, de justice et d'égalité, grâce à la participation active et compétente des femmes dans tous les domaines.
Bethany Global believes in a world where every child has a loving family.
In 2008, the United Nations Development Programme defined capacity-building as "the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development
Bright Bangladesh Forum (BBF) is a non-governmental voluntary development organization that seeks to empower the disadvantaged and marginalized toward fulfilling their basic human and legal rights, free from discrimination, violence, and
Buds of Christ exists to empower children from the most disadvantaged communities, with a focus among children and girls who have lost their parent/s and is living in disadvantaged circumstances of poverty, caste discriminated communities and HIV
BIFERD is a national NGO based in North Kivu and founded in 2004.
Cambodia ACTs works with partner organizations to end the injustices of child trafficking, sexual abuse, and the exploitation of children.  We use education and activities to raise awareness to help Cambodian children understand their ri
​Children Advocacy Network (CAN Pakistan) is a civil society platform initiated by “Search For Justice” with a view to promote collective engagement in advocacy and policy lobbying primarily focusing on ending all forms of violence against childre
In 1943, the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States established Catholic Relief Services to help war-torn Europe and its refugees recover. During World War II, CRS’ work focused on the resettlement of war refugees in Europe.
CECOWOR seeks to empower those marginalized in society through education and awareness.  We work toward the liberation of marginalized women, children, and those in poverty through equal access to quality services for survival, growth, and develop


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Pour nous contacter, vous pouvez envoyer un email à l'adresse suivante info@alliancecpha.org ou utiliser le formulaire sur la page de contact