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Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA) Toolkit Review

The Alliance

This report provides findings and analysis on the use of the Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA) Toolkit between 2014 and 2018. It includes recommendations for (a) improving the CPRA Toolkit and (b) more effectively situating it within the broader framework of child protection analysis and assessment in humanitarian contexts. This is the second review of the CPRA toolkit and builds upon the findings of the first review conducted in 2013. This review aims to identify the following:

  • How and when assessments were undertaken;

  • Whether they were conducted appropriately and accurately in order to achieve intended objectives;

  • Whether the assessments produced new knowledge on child protection risks and concerns;

  • Whether there was added value from the CPRA;

  • What time and capacity were required to properly undertake the assessments and which of these resources were available to assessment teams;

  • Whether and how tools were adapted and contextualized;

  • Whether appropriate methodologies and tools were used to gather critical information to inform initial response activities; and

  • Whether the information gathered was used to influence initial programming decisions.

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