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Call for Applications: Pilot testing of a child protection indicator "module" for integration in multi-purpose cash assistance

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Call for Applications: Pilot testing of a child protection indicator "module" for integration in multi-purpose cash assistance

10 Dec 2019
The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

Together the Assessment, Measurement and Evidence (AME) Working Group and Cash Transfer and Child Protection Task Force are seeking ways to integrate child protection into multi-purpose cash monitoring frameworks. Humanitarian cash that aims to meet basic needs (sometimes called multi-purpose cash assistance [MPCA]) is challenging to monitor because outcomes are possible across a wide range of sectors (e.g. food security and nutrition, livelihoods, WASH, shelter, health and education) including child protection. Any monitoring tool risks becoming too complex and long if each sector includes all desired indicators. However, if humanitarian cash captures data relating to child protection, cash actors will be able to minimise child protection risks and maximise child protection benefits.

Development of a child protection “module”

Based on recommendations made in a recent research report, Save the Children is managing a project to develop and pilot test a “module” of child protection indicators. The module to be drafted would be similar in style and design to the existing Women’s Refugee Commission Gender-based Violence Module. The consultant hired to lead the drafting and pilot testing of the “module” is Hannah Thompson.

Pilot testing of the child protection indicator “module” 

The Cash Transfer and Child Protection Task Force is looking for agencies, organisations, or coordination groups in countries affected by humanitarian crises who are interested in participating in pilot testing the indicator “module” that will be drafted. Pilot testing will take place in one of two ways:

  1. Hannah Thompson would visit one country to support a 7-day pilot testing process. Hannah would be responsible for: 
  • Working with a team of staff who have a range of skills in child protection, cash transfer programming and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Training the team on the use of the tool (1/2 day workshop).
  • Accompaning teams in gathering data using the tool (5 days).
  • Running a feedback workshop to gather the team’s feedback on the indicator “module” (1/2 day). 
  1. Hannah would provide distance support to a focal point and in-country-based team while they independently use the indicator “module” and provide feedback using the pilot testing tools.
  • Hannah would give the in-country pilot testing focal point briefings on the training workshop and indicator module.
  • The in-country focal point would train the team of staff who would use the tool (1/2 day workshop).
  • The in-country team would gather data using the tool (5 days). The focal point would observe the team as they used the tool.
  • The in-country focal point would run a feedback workshop to gather feedback on the use of the indicator “module” from the team (1/2 day). 
  • The in-country focal point would provide feedback on the use of the tool to Hannah in writing or on an extended call.

Selection criteria for pilot testing

All those wishing to engage in the pilot testing—either hosting the consultant or using the tools independently—need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have staff capacity in child protection, cash transfer programming, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Have existing in-country programming that uses multi-purpose cash assistance that has been operational for over a year.
  • Be based in humanitarian settings responding to refugee or non-refugee crises.

Those wishing to host Hannah Thompson would in addition need to be able to:

  • Ensure safe access to sites of operation for Hannah Thompson (a British national).
  • Provide interpretation if work will be carried out in languages other than English or French. (Hannah is able to work in both English and French.)
  • Host a 7–8 day visit in March 2020.

Application process:

Those interested in taking part in the pilot testing process should complete the attached application form by 10 December 2019 and e-mail it to Lauren Murray at L.Murray@savethechildren.org.uk.

The Cash Transfer and Child Protection Task force will review all applications and notify countries by the 19th of December.  





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